Organic Gotham

From R81

A darker roast and inspired by the mystique of the dystopian city, Gotham, our organic Gotham Espresso comes with rich, diverse flavours that packs a punch. Gotham is a fictional city appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics and is well known for the home of Batman with its looks and atmosphere influenced by New York City. Interestingly enough, Gotham city’s location is traditionally depicted as being in the state of New Jersey, and historically, the founding of New York City is a story that parallels the founding of Gotham City. New York has allocated the nickname “Metropolis” to describe the daytime popular culture, and being a metropolis to Batman, we can only conclude that the origins of Gotham must lie here. With vintage colours in the graphics of the comic, and the gothic revival style architecture, Gotham certainly describes our coffee blend and its creation to a tee. Whether you are fighting crime or stuck in the office, this blend will give you the superpowers you need..I’m sure Batman will approve of a cup.
Our signature organic Gotham Espresso is a darker roast with a full bodied buttery mouthfeel with notes of almond, blackberry and dark chocolate. This blend consist of 100% organic arabica coffee beans from Tanzania, Ethiopia and Honduras.

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