French Roast

From R75

When drinking coffee in France, its not about the quality of the beans or the taste of your espresso, but how you are experiencing your morning caffeine as you read your newspaper, catch up with a friend or simply as you watch the day go by. The French like it strong and bold and no wonder the traditional darker roast coffee is named after the French. To put it simply, French roast describes the colour of the beans after they have been roasted and usually appear like the colour of dark chocolate. The name is believed to originate from the 19th century tastes and traditions of coffee roasters in Europe when darker roasts were preferred by consumers. The French proudly took the title of the darkest roast of all above the Italians and Viennese roasters. To aspire to the French roast legends, we have opted for a high quality Tanzania single origin. Come to the dark side…
The ultra dark French style roast brings the oils to the surface of the beans, giving this African coffee a roasted, intensely dark and smoky flavour leaving some undertones of cedar and toasted nuts. Full and pungent, this coffee lingers on the palate for some time. Great in a French press, as this will highlight the oils and sweeter components when using a coarser grind.

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