Comandante RX35 Grinder Red Clix Burr Adjustment Kit


This special combination of RX35 parts have been designed for the professional coffee expert in a competition situation. Both the axle and the grind grade dial have been equipped with an ultra fine precision thread.

The main difference is the expanded click range for the same particle size range and the same brewing methodology. The click steps with the RX35 Combo are much finer, but at the same time, the click mechanism itself is as solid and stable as the standard version.

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Target Particle Resolution (typical): 15 Micron per click
Horizontal Shift of targeted Particle Size
(Normal Distribution Target Maximum)
Vertical Burr Pitch per Click (typical): 29 Micron
Narrow Blade Gap per Click (typical): 6 Micron

The set includes an axle, a spring, two washers, a red dial, and a silicone wristband. Please be careful to only use the Red Clix axle together with the Red Clix dial – mixing these with the standard axle and dial may result in damaging the axle.

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