If you live with a closed hand, you will never be able to both give or receive. As the Christmas decorations are going up in town, team TriBeCa’s Christmas Tradition is to support Santa’s Shoebox to help sixty children in need, aged 3 to 18 years. The box includes the bare necessities that the average person will take for granted; every child should be filled will joy and excitement during the holiday season and have the thrill of opening a present that is solely allocated to them. Afterall, “Tis the season to be jolly.”

A little background about The Santa Shoebox Project is that it has been changing lives for the past 16 years and has reached 1 077 289 children throughout South Africa and Namibia. The entire project is supported by volunteers and people who selflessly give their time and expertise without remuneration. There are many ways to get involved in this project. You can individually pledge to pack a box or two, volunteer your time to help at the drop off zones, pledge a team in the workplace, you can become a sponsor, or you can give a financial donation. 

This was such a heartwarming project to be a part of and the entire team of TriBeCa were committed to ensuring that each child received the thoughtful and fun boxes, as we touched and packed every piece of every box for a specific child, we are reminded of why we were doing this.

It is embedded in our ethos to help wherever we can, to take the time for selfless acts and connect with others, to ensure that there is a small comfort for those less fortunate who find themselves in a place in life that they do not deserve to be in. The idea of sixty little smiles was the biggest reward we could ever receive. We imagined how these children are going to play with their new toys and feel special in their new clothes. A little goes a long way, especially when you do not have much to start with.

Each child is also given a gift that they can give to another child to #sharethelove. This could be a toy, a hat, some coloring pencils, a piece of candy or anything that you would think is applicable. This is such a thoughtful extension to the entire project which teaches the act of kind-heartedness from an early age.

Along with the Santa Shoeboxes, we prepared twenty-five comfort kits for twenty-five women. We are confronted daily with acts of Violence against women. Gender-Based Violence is not talked about enough and we want to be part of creating slight changes to ensure that survivors are loved, cared for and empowered to live strong, and keep holding their heads high. 

Hopefully, we can soften the harsh reality of deprivation and harm caused to 85 Women and Children this Christmas.

We hope to reach and motivate more people that will be willing to be effective in other’s lives with the next project. 

Happy Holidays!