As Autumn reminds us of the transition from summer to winter the last leaves that previously provided us with shade from the summer heat now lay on the ground. Daylight becomes shorter and temperatures cool significantly as a cold winter lies ahead for those in South Africa. During these cooler winter months, we take curling up in a warm blanket for granted, a luxury few South Africans have. For those who can barely afford to provide food to their families, winter can add unaffordable expenses. One blanket can be the difference in survival for many. 

TriBeCa Coffee Company and its management has since the onset of the company been focused and committed to sustainability, and all underlying principles. To create a sustainable environment at TriBeCa Coffee Company we evaluate and contribute towards 4 different pillars, namely People, Environment, Sourcing, and the Community. We believe that positive change can bring forward a continuous movement of enriching lives on the long term. The TriBeCa Coffee Company team recently contributed towards a project Pretoria Boys high initiate annually.

Contributions towards the annual Pretoria Boys High fundraising will go towards Bramley Children’s Home, The Mohau Centre, Kingdom Life Children’s Home, Kameelfontein Squatter camp, Sunnyside soup kitchen and Sunnyside Shelter.

We are thankful for the opportunity to have spread some warmth this winter season. Keep an eye on our website to see how we connect with other communities in the future.