At TriBeCa everything is about incredible coffee and passionate people. Best described as open, creative and rooted our 9 core brand values are what we are about.

These values guide everything we do, including how we interact with our employees, our customers, our community and our business partners. As we grow our processes and strategies may change, but these 9 core values will always remain rooted in our culture. Anything worth doing is doing it with style, effort and attitude. We are not an average company and everything we deliver reflects that.

At TriBeCa we are our own little coffee mafia – working hard together, respecting each other and occasionally that braai on the Friday to just chill out. But one commonality sits with us all – we are all obsessed with coffee. We are continuously evolving and re-imagining ways to exceed customer expectation, protect and grow our company culture and serve communities near and far.

Imagine, Dream, Make it Happen

'Make it real' asks for a broadening of the mind and an eagerness to keep evolving with the world, 'making' things happen requires courage and vision 'keeping' them real takes hard work and perseverance.

TriBeCa, New York

TriBeCa is a neighbourhood of Manhattan and an abbreviation of: TRIangle BElow CAnal Street. Enterprising New York culture and vintage Art Deco values were embedded in TriBeCa South Africa from early on.


TriBeCa culture is playful, with a strong work ethic and the knowledge that full potential is reached when one is focused and always improving skills.

Vintage Principles

Entrepreneurship, vision and old-school principles like hard work and qualify control will never fall out of fashion with us.


We are inspired by the type of creativity that lead to the invention of the electric guitar in the 1930's and by the energy it created in the music world.

Variety, not boredom

Variety is the spice of life and a guide for good coffee business. We love exploring the coffee frontier and all our stores are unique, definitely not franchised.


TriBeCa stands for the 'analog way' when it comes to the coffee culture: Keeping it rooted in the real world.


Coffee blends with culture as TriBeCa draws inspiration from the South African experience and builds friendships with coffee farmers around our continent.


The 'Flying Springbok; became iconic of an era. We revive some of that positive momentum and give the springbok a nod of appreciation with our brand.

Office Teams

Whether it’s the IT geek, the bean counters or the HR gals, our office team is what cements the processes in place. We rely on our team to keep everything running smoothly behind the scene and to create efficient systems that support all our daily activities.